Monday, August 29, 2011


Outfit details: sheer lace top from Nordstrom Rack, Modcloth belt, black skirt, Rampage espadrille wedges

I know, I know. I've worn this skirt way too much recently. It's just so perfect with just about everything in my closet! If you don't own a pleated black skirt, I suggest you invest in one. They're so comfy and stylish.

This week I'm going to start packing for my trip to Rio and Buenos Aires, so expect some packing posts soon.

Friday, August 26, 2011


 Outfit details: F21 top, Kohls belt, F21 skirt, Covington wedges (Macy's)

Please excuse the lack of photos today- I've only a few minutes to post before picking up a friend and going for coffee. 

Happy Friday, everyone!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Outfit details: Georgiou top, Promod skirt and belt, Kimchi Blue flats.

Got this skirt in France, and I've been waiting to wear it again since doing my huge batch of laundry. This is basically the same outfit I wore in France, but I paired it with my black and white Oxford flats rather than the gladiator sandals from vacation to keep it more work-appropriate. I love the geometric print on it, and the combination of browns+black+yellow. Also, it's ever so fun to swish and twirl in.
The wooden bracelet (with the orange design) was a gift from a friend when he visited Australia. The other round one I received free with an old Modcloth order. (I love when they do that.) Please ignore my severely chipped nails! I've been holding off on re-doing them since I want to have them neat right before I leave at the end of this month. That and I value nap-time over pretty much everything else.

I live on the East Coast of the US, so here's hoping Hurricane Irene doesn't give us too much trouble. Pluto (the big yellow dog in the last picture) has been enjoying the cooler temperatures and sunshine...he hates thunderstorms, so his weekend (and thus, mine) will probably not be so carefree. It's been blue skies all week though- calm before the storm, I suppose!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

from mum

Outfit details: Loft top, F21 belt, my mum's skirt, Mellow Yellow heels

One thing I can say about my mother is that she's always allowed me freedom to wear what I want (within reason, of course- when I demanded sky-high-heels as a 5 year old she did not choose to indulge me). She trusts my opinion on everything fashion related, and has even when it was perhaps not safe to do so! (My middle school years did not include a decent sense of style.) And, best of all, she lets me borrow/steal things from her wardrobe without getting annoyed with me. This skirt is a very old one she bought while we still lived in England at Marks and Spencer. It used to be ankle length, but I dug it out of the recesses of her closet a few months back and only just had it shortened to a more modern length. I love the colors in it, and it will be perfect with some tall boots for fall!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

summer haze

Outfit details: H&M top, Express shorts, Clarks heels

Yesterday afternoon my friend C and I decided to explore around our neighborhood with cameras. We found a small clearing behind an old house and after running around in the grass, had a mini photoshoot. It was one of the last things on our Summer 2011 To-Do list, and we had a lot of fun. It's nice to take a break from everything and frolick like kids!

Friday, August 19, 2011


Outfit details: Loft top, Modcloth skirt, Clarks heels, H&M key locket necklace

Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

a scarf in summer

 Outfit details: Loft v-neck, black skirt, silk scarf from India, Clarks heels, F21 necklace, peacock earrings (??)

Wearing scarves in summer was once quite taboo, but there is one way to do it and beat the heat at the same time- wear a scarf as a belt! I've seen a lot of pictures of people using scarves as belts and finally decided to give it a try. Worked quite well with this outfit, I think!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

all fired up

Outfit details: t-shirt from Target, Gap skirt (thrifted), Nordstrom belt, Bronx flats (via Nordstrom)

Can you tell I've been loving the color red recently?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

make it bright

Outfit details: Target t-shit, F21 skirt and belt, Mellow Yellow shoes

It's been humid and drizzly today, but even with the break from scorching sunlight, it's still sticky and hot. That's summer in the South for you! On rainy days I think the most depressing thing to do is wear neutrals or dark colors- the weather's got that palette covered, so why not bust out the super brights?

Plus this outfit gave me an occasion to wear the new shoes I bought in Paris (on sale to boot, woo!) that are the loveliest shade of royal blue.

Friday, August 12, 2011

a hint of paris


I'm still horribly jet lagged (they say it takes 1 day to get over each hour of difference), but I was feeling functional enough to meet my friend for lunch at a little sandwich shop we found nearby. I must say, I'm missing French food already! I woke up craving salads, of all things. I usually detest eating salads since they make me feel like a cow, but let me say that the French know how to make a good salad. 

Thus, in my longing, I decided to wear something I'd bought in Paris- this adorable black pleated skirt. Whilst wandering around near the Latin Quarter, K and I happened upon this small little boutique with affordable vintage-style clothing. We went kind of crazy, trying on just about everything in the store, and ended up buying some wonderful things. In addition to this skirt, I bought a lace dress, which I'll hopefully get a chance to wear soon!

 Outfit details: Mimi chica top, Delia's belt, black pleated skirt, Steve Madden wedges, Revlon lipstick in True Red

Thursday, August 11, 2011

france avec mon ami

Well, after nearly 20 hours of airport/flying time, I'm back home from visiting my best friend, K, in France. It was a wonderful trip, and I already miss her terribly, but I've got plenty of photographs and new memories.

I stayed four days in Paris with her before we went with her family to Provence, and stayed near a town called St. Paul du Trois Chateau. Naturally, the main purpose of the trip was rest and relaxation, so I didn't bother getting fully dressed most of the time, haha. That said, here are some snapshots from the more interesting parts of my trip, outfits included.

 Delicious cup of hot chocolate at Angeline's in Paris.

The view from the villa we stayed at in the South: breathtaking. You could see vineyards and farmland for miles, and then hazy blue mountains with white rocky tops in the distance. The south of France is much like Italy (close to the Mediterranean as it is), but there are slight differences that make the place unique. It's full of winding roads and roundabouts, little towns with ancient history, gorgeous churches, miles of endless greenery.

K and I attempting to channel our inner Tyra's and smize.

 Mmm, molleaux chocolat, essentially warm, gooey chocolate cake.

This one was taken outside an old church atop a provincial town. It was very windy that day, and luckily I'd worn this long skirt that K gifted me earlier during the trip.
This town was called Nyon, and it's famous for its olives. We ate lunch in the little village square whilst being serenaded by an accordion playing singer. I had a provincial pizza with olives from the town, which were very, very good. For dessert (and dessert = most important part of every meal) I had crepes with chocolate sauce and bananas. I don't usually like bananas, but when you give it to me wrapped up with chocolate and whipped cream...well, it's hard to say no.

On a hilltop at another town.

 A cute little cafe where we stopped for ice cream (lavender flavor!) and tea after climbing the aforepictured hilltop.

I absolutely love food in Europe, primarily because it's so fresh. Even in Paris, we'd shop at markets instead of chain grocery stores.

Also, if it's even possible, I've eaten far too much goats cheese on this trip! Nearly every meal was accompanied by the glorious stuff. I might go into withdrawal now that I'm home.

Well, hopefully this account has been quick but interesting! I'm set to leave on another trip in a few weeks, and I think I'll try and document that one a little better. Maybe even do a post on how I go about packing clothes?

Are any of you going on vacation this summer?