Wednesday, June 29, 2011

more stripes?

I've realized how much I really like stripes. Granted, this shirt looks more color-blocky in my opinion than typical 'stripe' but still, haha.

Outfit details: Gap T-shirt, Ralph Lauren necklace (Macy's sale), Delia's crop jeans, Zara bag, Covington wedges (old, Macy's)

Nothing too exciting planned for today... yesterday I went to talk to another doctor who will be leading the research internship I'm doing this summer, but I was so pass-out-tired at the end of the day that I didn't take an outfit photo. I did like what I wore though, so I'll most likely wear it again and snap a pic when I do. Anyway, on the agenda for today: grocery shopping, a dentist appointment, and then off to one of my friends house to help her study Spanish. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

coral with cream

Outfit details: Express t-shirt, Express shorts (from a few years ago), necklace from Nordstrom (juniors dept), Bronx flats, earrings from a Russian Art Gallery in my town

I've worn this shirt so much recently (albeit before I started documenting my outfits)! I absolutely love the color, and it's nice and thin while not being see-through, which is perfect for hot summers. Also these flats. Are. So. Comfy. My mom has been laughing at me because I wear them with everything.
The earrings I'm wearing are one of my new favorites. I bought them last week when a friend and I were exploring around our town. The sign of a Russian Art Gallery caught her eye and she dragged me in. It was a beautiful little store owned by a lovely Russian woman who we spent some time talking to, and she even gave us a free keychain and bag when we left. My friend also bought a pair of earrings, and if I can ever get her to pose for a photo, I'll post what hers look like. They're made of papier-mache apparently, and hand-painted in Russia. The artists' initials are on the back! (And best part? They were only $15)

Didn't do much today, just ran some errands for the parents (they love having me home from college as it lets them dump chores on me hah) and stopped at the mall to get a blazer for my upcoming shadowing/interning at the hospital.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

something to twirl in

 Outfit details: Ann Taylor Loft t-shirt, F21 belt, Old Navy necklace, skirt (from India), Bronx Heat of the Nite flats (from Nordstrom)
No pretty background today as it's looking awful stormy and as such there's not much sun out. Today was my first day shadowing at the oncology clinic. It was a really interesting experience, and I'm excited to go back and learn more. For the past four years or so, my goal has been to become a doctor. My parents are, but apart from hearing the stories they'd bring home each day, I'd never really been to a clinic to see how things are run. Seeing as I'm set to take the MCAT within the next few years, I figured I needed to take a look at what I'm getting myself into.

I started the day bright and early at 8am. Dr. W gave me a tour around the clinic to start things off (I got to look inside the procedure rooms, chemotherapy area, and radiation therapy areas). Then, the nurse handed the list of patients for the day, and we began to go through charts. I had to sign a confidentiality paper first, of course. Dr. W is a great teacher, and he made sure to explain all the jargon and terms in the charts to me, as well as just generally introduce the patient before we went into the examining room. 
We saw around 10 patients today, but I'll only write about the one woman who really stood out to me.
She was old, but not terribly so, and was only just growing her hair back from chemotherapy. She wore a bright floral printed shirt, big colorful earrings, and a pair of tan wedges. She was all smiles, giving Dr. W a hug before he sat down and began to talk about her treatment. 
What made this woman special, was this: I soon found out that she had been through three surgeries and had been diagnosed with three cancers, and having undergone two radiation treatments already, was set to do one more to completely (and finally) get rid of her cancer. Also, she'd broken her ankle just a few months back (and was back to wearing wedges!). All this, and she was so happy! Nothing sad or mournful about her at all. She was truly inspiring.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

before it rains

Outfit details: Express graphic tee, Zara bag, Betsey Johnson sunglasses (from Nordstrom Rack), TJ Maxx capris, Covington wedges (from Macy's a long time ago)

It feels like it's going to rain. Do you know that feeling? The air seems heavier, the breeze is warm and is reminiscent of the wind that comes off the sea, minus the salty scent. I do love summer rainstorms (thunderstorms especially, though my dog does not share that sentiment), but the air just before them is really a bit suffocating. I resigned myself to a day spent indoors with the comfort of air-conditioning. Hopefully I'll get some reading (Gabriel Garcia Marquez is sitting on my desk, waiting to be opened) or writing done.
That said, my dad called me this morning and I met him for an impromptu brunch. Having been awakened at the horribly early hour of 10 am, this was the outfit I threw on... not my most creative, but it was comfy and fitting enough for brunch at a local cafe.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

i'll be your wayward girl

tribal blues

I hadn't planned to do anything other than laze around in bed today, but one of my friends asked if I'd like to get lunch with her, and I am a sucker for eating out. It's a smidge humid and quite hot today/all week/summer in the south in general, so I opted for this cotton printed tank top, cotton skirt, and wedges.

Outfit Details: Mimi Chica top (from TJ Maxx), Forever 21 skirt+belt, Steve Madden wedges, turquoise earrings (a shop in Santa Fe)

And aren't the hydrangeas pretty? They're one of my favorite flowers.

Monday, June 20, 2011


I'm not entirely sure where this will go. Hopefully by the end of this project I'll have discovered more of my personal style, in fashion and writing, and who knows what else. I'm horribly lazy at writing things out by hand, but I do want to keep a record of the amusing things that occasionally occur in my life, so here goes. This blog is probably going to end up being a mishmash of photos, rambles, snippets of creative pieces, and whatever else I need to get out of my system... here's hoping it all comes out eloquently and enjoyably.